Only The Best Beer At Huron Foods Market

The best beer at Huron Foods Market

Our Seasonal Favorites

Enjoy refreshing, lighter-bodied beers. Spring season beers use less malt, yield a lower alcohol content, and offer a crisper flavor.


Golden lager with a light to medium body, assertive hop character, and brewed using extremely soft water and Czech Saaz hops.

Frankenmuth’s Pilsner Lager, a great all-around, light golden German-style beer, with a floral aroma, hint of spices and a crisp, dry finish.


A lager that features more hop character than other bock beers, moderately strong alcohol content, and a rich malt flavor.


St. Patrick’s Day brings the release of this malty, red ale.


Classic dark ale that is the traditional St. Patrick’s Day choice. Full of dry—roasted flavors, surprisingly low—bodied and lower alcohol.

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